–Isla Vista for 2018 – 2019 school year–

This Page Updated:  08/08/18.   Sorry, we are all full in IV for the 2018-2019 school year.

Our leases in Isla Vista are approximately 350 days.  Due to the nature of student rentals we need 15 days to clean and repair between residencies.  Instead of pro-rating the first and last month, we divide the total lease amount into 12 equal payments (this is separate from the security deposit).  Each payment does not represent a full month, and is instead called “Rent Installment” instead of “Monthly Rent”.   If you have any questions or concerns  feel free to ask.


The dollar amount shown in the below listings represent the “Rent Installment”. 


Property #1: 1001 EL EMBARCADERO — It’s like a little house!

1001 El Embarcadero

To check status of these units, please scroll down to narrative for each unit. This has always been one of our popular properties. It is a jewel of a property and very cute.  We want to keep it that way, so we are looking for respectful people to live here and cherish and love it and live happily ever after . . . . well, not for ever, but for a year or two, anyway. One tenant wrote: “We loved living at 1001, it’s a gem and our favorite place we lived.” We’d really like that there be no beer pong tables or junky stuff cluttering up the yard.  This great place consists of 3 apartment-homes in a choice location.  Right on the corner of El Embarcadero and Sabado Tarde, behind a tall fence offering lots of privacy.  And just a short block to the beach and one long block to campus and right across the street from Little Acorn Park.   It’s more like a little house than an apartment. You’ve got to go see this property!  We have planted many fruit trees here; and there is also an area for your own vegetable garden.  Water, trash, yard care and one parking column is included. with enough room for up to 2 cars for each apartment.  Tenants pay their own electric, gas, internet (very often apartments have shared internet and split the cost).  To see more photos of the exterior click here!

  • Status for 2018-2019:   LEASED (AG GROUP).    Apartment #A:  2 bedrooms, 1 bath.  $2995  (up to four people).   No smokers. This is a really cute apartment with wood floors, lots of windows with nice window coverings, a nice refrigerator. The living room is approximately 13′ x 16′ plus dining area approximately 8′ x 7′.  One bedroom is approximately 9′ x 10′ 7″, plus a closet approx 5′ 6″ wide. The other bedroom is approximately 9′ 7″ x 13′, plus a closet approximately 8′ wide.  All bedroom closets at this property have mirror sliding doors.  Click here to see photos.Lease runs 7/5/18 – 6/20/19. 


  • Status for 2018-2019:   RESERVED (BY CL).   Apartment #B: 1 bedroom, 1 bath. $1795 (one or two people).    No smokers.  It is a very cute unit with maple floors and easy to keep clean.  The living room is approximately 15′ x 11′ PLUS 9′ x 7′; and the bedroom is 12′ x 13′ PLUS additional area for the closet. Click here to see photos.  Lease runs 7/7/18 – 6/22/19


  • Status for 2018-2019:    LEASED  (BY EO/SR).  Apartment #C: 1 bedroom, 1 bath. $1795  (one or two people).    It’s a very good value for a very cute unit.  You’ll feel like you’re living in a little house. and you’ll always remember living here.  You’ll probably want your own kids to live here when they go to UCSB!  The living room is approximately 15′ x 11′ PLUS 9′ x 7′; and the bedroom is 12′ x 13′ PLUS additional area for the closet. No smokers.   Click here to see photos.    Lease runs  7/15/18 – 6/30/19


Property # 2:  1015 EL EMBARCADERO

WP_20140828_001 Please scroll down to check status and pricing of each unit.  There’s something about this property that people just love living here, and often stay for multiple years.  We’ve also had tenants who move out after a year, only to move back the following year!  One recent resident wrote: “Definitely the best apartment I lived in during my time at UCSB!”  Yet another comment, “I’ve lived in IV since xxxx and this is the best place by far”.  It’s a small building of 5 units; just about 100 steps to Del Playa beach steps; just about 30 steps to Little Acorn Park; and just one block to campus.  Such a convenient location, saving you time getting to and from school.  El Embarcadero is possibly the most attractive street in Isla Vista and has been referred to as “Gateway To The Sea” . . . featuring wide widewalks, palm trees and new street lights.   There are three 1-bedroom apartments upstairs and two deluxe studios downstairs.  Each 1-bedroom apartment gets a car stall (big enough for 2 cars tandem); each studio receives one spot behind the building.  The 1-bedroom apartments all have balconies, facing the ocean.  From the lovely living rooms you can see the Santa Barbara Mountains.  It is an all-electric building and tenants pay their own electric and internet.  We pay the water and trash.  There is a laundry room nearby.


  • Status for 2018-2019:   LEASED (JA)   Apartment #1.   Studio Apartment $1495.    No smokers.  This deluxe studio is about 450 square feet.  It has  big windows in the main room.  Full kitchen with stove and refrigerator.  Maple Pergo floors in the main room with coordinated vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathroom areas.    Click here to see photos.   Lease runs 8/9/18 – 7/25/19


  • Status for 2018-2019:   LEASED (BW)   Apartment #2.  Studio Apartment $1495.    This deluxe studio is about 450square feet.   No smokers, please.   It has big windows in the main room.  Full kitchen with stove and refrigerator.  Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring throughout..  This unit has extra light and air flow due to an extra window in the bathroom.  Click here to see photos.     Lease runs 7/25/18- 7/10/19


  •  Status for 2018-2019:  LEASED (SP/AS)  Apartment #3.   1 bedroom apartment. $1845 (One or two people.  Add $395 for 3rd person).   No smokers, please.  This has always been the most popular unit in this building (and just slightly more expensive) because of WINDOWS GALORE!  Big windows in the living room and big windows in the bedroom, PLUS the sliding glass door for the balcony.  If you live in this apartment you’ll see the parade of people going to and from Del Playa.   There’s also a modest, but beautiful, view of the ocean and islands and palm trees.  Wood ceilings and extra cabinet storage in the hallway.  Lease runs 7/6/18 – 6/21/19.   Click here to see photos.


  • Status for 2018-2019:  LEASED (KB/LB).   Apartment #4.    1 bedroom apartment. $1795 (One or two people. Add $395 for 3rd person).    No smokers, please. It has granite counters.  Nice views from the living room; balcony off the bedroom.   Wood ceilings and extra cabinet storage in the hallway.  Lease runs 8/15/18 – 7/31/19.   Click here to see photos.


  • Status for 2018-2019:   LEASED (JF). Apartment #5.  1-Bedroom Apartment $1795 (One or two people. Add $395 for 3rd person).     No smokers, please. This apartment is furthest back from the street.  It has granite counters.  Nice views from the living room; balcony off the bedroom.   Wood ceilings and extra cabinet storage in the hallway.   Lease runs 7/15/17 – 6/30/18.    Click here to see photos.


Property # 3:   6521 SABADO TARDE ROADAlmost 2200 Square Feet ! One of the CUTEST houses in Isla Vista.  Outstanding location close to campus. $9,250 

Status for 2018-2019: LEASED TO AA GROUP.

Welcome to the Mermaid House.  This is a property that we would be happy for our own kids to live at.  Just 1/2 block to campus, which is so important on those wet, rainy days.  It’s a 3 bedroom plus 2 bonus rooms / 3 bathroom house. Typical usage of these 5 rooms might be upstairs as: 1-Triple with private bath; 2-Doubles, sharing large bath; and downstairs: 1 Single and 1 double sharing a bath.  Courtyard PatioYou’ll love the  peaceful front courtyard/patio/entry!  It’s a beautiful spot to sunbathe, study, hang out and listen to the soothing water fountain. This courtyard adds a whole new dimension and expansion of your living room.  This is an outdoor space that you will get a lot of use out of. Now for the tour: UPSTAIRS: 3 large bedrooms (the largest being very large at 18 x 11.5, not counting the closet; one bedroom at approx. 11.5 x 13.25, not counting closet; one at approx. 11.5 x 14.5, not counting closet) and 2 full bathrooms .  DOWNSTAIRS: are 2 more rooms (library room, this room is usually a single approx. 8.75+ x 12; and a dining room approx. 11.75 x 12.25, (not counting the closet) and 1 full bathroom.  There is  a very large living room with a fireplace, comes with 2 refrigerators,  dishwasher, stove and washer & dryer.  No smokers or pets please. Tenants pay all utilities: gas, electric, water, trash etc.  Landlord pays for Gardener.  Viewing information:  Usually people go knock on the door and ask to see.  However, if there is any difficulty in connecting with the current residents, contact us for a personal showing to your group.   Lease runs 7/2/18 – 6/17/19

To see more pictures of this house click: HERE .



Property # 4:  6682 TRIGO ROAD  — One of the premier houses in Isla Vista.

Status for 2018-2019:  LEASED TO EM GROUP.

Price: $9250     

We can sometimes approve a group that is not complete.  For example, you want to have 11 in your group, but you only have 8 so far.  If the 8 are approved, then time can be given to you to find the number of remaining people you need.  We want you to have a group that works for you. Please call or email for any questions you may have.

Important notice:  We support “Keep Isla Vista Safe”, therefore we are looking for a respectful group that will agree to having only small gatherings.  No live bands, DJs, kegs, etc.  Say “gurgle gurgle” to the “Seahorse House” at 6682 Trigo Road.   You’ll always have memories of living here!     It has a nice privacy fence with 2 gates.  A  huge front yard patio.  About 20 drawf fruit trees.  This is certainly one of the premier houses in Isla Vista.   This spacious home has always been a popular property.  People often keep the house for more than one year.  The front deck has always been popular for sunbathing and watching the people go by.  There are 3 large bedrooms upstairs.  One of them is the “master bedroom” and has a private bath.  The other 2 large bedrooms share a bathroom.  Downstairs are 2 rooms, one is very large and the other a little smaller; there is a shared bathroom downstairs.  There is a fireplace and an open kitchen with 2 large refrigerators.  There are 2 more refrigerators in the garage, just a few steps from the kitchen.  The garage is a beautiful multi-purpose room with tile floors, a washer and dryer (regular machines, NOT coin), commercial-grade storage shelves.  Tenants pay all utilities:  gas, electric, water, trash, etc.  Landlord pays for gardener. No smokers (not even hookas, they always burn the carpet), no pets. Typically 9 -11 (sometimes 12) people live here. Lease runs 7/7/18 – 6/22/19. 

To See Lots Of Photos, CLICK HERE.









Sometimes the current residents will say that the place has been rented even though it hasn’t been.  We will update our website with 2 hours of any new lease; so be sure and check back here (or call or text us at (805) 448-7464) to verify current genuine status.

Please review the rental packet for the unit you are interested in.  We can email you the sample lease if it is not shown as a link in the listing.

When considering renting from us, please keep in mind that we do not permit dogs, live bands, kegs, basketball hoops or inappropriate behavior on our properties (Refer to “house rules”, seen in each lease packet).  Violations will result in fines.  Our target tenants are serious students, not party-people.  We also give priority to non-smokers.  Thank you for your understanding.

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

Forms  Forms  Forms   Forms:

CLICK HERE TO SEE “Application”

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE “Guarantee of Lease” (this form is also in each lease packet)

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